Archives January 2020

Stuck in a world,

Far away from my dad and mom.

I just have to go because I’m the only son,

Alone to live and be reborn.


I packed my bags for the trip ahead,

Walked round on last time round, every corner of my bed,

Received kisses at my back palm and on my forehead,

It rekindled every feeling that where dead,

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you`ve been there
you`ve been here
you`ve seen it all
now it seems you cant give it your all, less you fall

you`ve done what everybody else does
and yet everything still looks tough
it seems there`s so much to be done
cos all that keeps you strong is gone

it seems there`s so much to be given
and now you need a voice to listen
it`s alright to cry
but don’t stop to try

you live life like you`re giving up
go ahead and live it up
the sun will shine again
and all the pains will turn to gain