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Dato Dudu Empire Entertainment Limited with the web url is one of Nigeria’s growing entertainment company. Founded in 2020 as a record label by Ikenna Patrick Dudu Inegbu, Best known as Dato Dudu. He is the owner of Dudu motors.


He is a magical Afrobeats producer, Dato Dudu Empire has promised on producing some of the definitive music and artistes that will take over the Nigerian Music Industry, He is joined by BigX Bedeo who is the Director General of Dato Dudu Empire Entertainment Ltd, Who is also the owner of . The leading brand promotional company in Nigeria.


As the digital era continues to refashion the way we do things, Dato Dudu Empire’s taste for delivering the utmost value has inspired the company’s expansion into innovative services such as partnerships, content production, publishing and marketing and Copyright of Artists Under the Record Label.

Today, Dato Dudu is a community of amazing people dedicated to creativity, innovation and breaking new frontiers.

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