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Sination Blog: AM A BOT (By SJ Poet)

Your smile burnt a circuit in my heart, Causing a major break down on my own part
What is life ?
What is love?

If you can’t rewire me
Re-programme my software completely
Am left to pain and my sad emotion
Jealousy rubbed  my skin like my own lotion
I was told love is cost, an expensive price to pay am now a robot.

I was programmed to encrypt your beautiful smile 

Steady starring at those heavenly eyes

My  couldn’t think,
Only when it has a clear version of you

I couldn’t read my feelings it was all in codes
While listening to the tales my old man told
My heart couldn’t beat in sync to the rhythm your lips sings

Only for me to know that am a bot
Am the only robot.

SJ Poet is one of the Fastest growing Poetry artist,                                                                                                                   Actor and DJ. He as performed in many places and on big stages Like,                                                                                    The Epic Concert, WYPG and more.


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