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THE EPIC CONCERT 2019. Director Simon Oboh Speaks about the epic concert and what inspires him. Below is the reason I decided to start ‘The Epic Concert’ , and why you should give your full support. As a young believer, I have found out that music is powerful and spiritual both in church and outside the church. In this 21st century churches, music ministry is one of the most powerful ministries that everyone is running to, and some will want to take it as a career which is a good thing.


And some of these people have the intention to serve God with this gift, but along the line most of them before or go into circular songs and begin to use their gift to drag people to hell and make young people hold adult to serve the devil. When you run into some of these people and ask them why what happened? Brother chuks what is going on why have you left the ministry and start singing circular songs? He will tell you that my brother there was no option, there was no one there to support me to provide platform for me to even believe in my calling. I am saying this out of experience I have friends today who were doing very good in gospel songs but today there are no more in the line. And when you ask them they will tell you Simon there was nobody there for me, there was no help, there was no platform, no resources or no finances no Support. So I felt God telling me Simon I need you to fill that gap, I want you to provide a platform for these young people, for this adults to keep the flame in them. Vision, Aim, Goals/Objectives. The epic concert has come or has started or has been set up to assist encourage and create platforms for this brilliant, good, Powerful, spiritual and god fearing gospel singers and rappers, spoken word artists instrumentalists and good comedians with positive words that are coming up everyday and everywhere so they won’t fall out of the truck of righteousness and holiness. 1. We are going to be giving out awards from the next edition of the epic concert. 2. We are going to be picking one or two gospel artist to manage for 1 year. @musicwithdave

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